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Blended Learning Systems

Blended Learning Systems Explained

The concept of blended learning acknowledges that learners need to have support and occassional contact from tutors and mentors when undertaking a distance learning or e-learning programme. Blended learning systems provide an easy to use e-learning platform but at the same time give you access to coaching and support as you journey through your syllabus. The blended learning systems that we offer can be used by individuals for personal development, by companies that want to provide their staff with an accredited learning route or by training companies that was to plug into an established blended learning system.

You are an individual looking to use online learning for personal development but want a mentor available to you.
Your team or HR department needs a supported learning environment that is flexible and accredited.
You're a training company that wants to use the power of the portal to publish your own training materials.

More on Blended Learning Systems

If you have got any questions on blended learning systems and how it can benefit you then please contact us and we'll gladly help you. We have specifically tailored our blended learning systems products to appeal to individuals, businesses and training providers so we are confident that we will have a blended learning system suitable for you.

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