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About The Training Team

The Training Team Ltd in partnership with Emerging Innovations are the key provider for content and support for participants in the Online Learning programme.

Who are The Training Team (TTT)?

TTT are a customer-focussed training organisation, consisting of business and technology professionals working in a dynamic and exciting market. We offer training and consultancy in People Development and Information Technology.

The Training Team Ltd is a "people business". We rely heavily on our people, their professionalism, skills and knowledge to service our customers effectively. As such, we must concentrate on developing our people to ensure the quality of our service.

We draw our staff from the business arena to ensure they have real life experience of technology and training and its benefits within an organisation.

Because we work closely with our trainers, we can invest in them to increase their business and interpersonal skills.

We provide our staff with career paths within the organisation to ensure motivation, direction and continuity of our people.

The key characteristics of the services provided by The Training Team include:

Our dedication is geared towards working with our clients and supporting their organisational aims by developing the skills and knowledge of their staff.

We are accredited to deliver the ILM (Institute of Leadership Management) level 2 & 3 qualifications.

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